How to watch Netflix on N1 Ultra

There are two steps in total. The first step is to install Netflix, and the second step is to use Netflix.

How to install Netflix?
1. Open Google Play and search for "Desktop Assistant" and "File Commander." Download and install both apps.
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2. You can download the Netflix APK from Google Play or by searching on Google. Alternatively, you can download our APK using this link:

3. Open File Commander and navigate to "Device" > "Local" > "Downloads" to find the Netflix APK file. Select "Install" to install the app.
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4. Once the installation is complete, you can start using Netflix. Please refer to the section 'How to use Netflix with JMGO app?'. In this step, you'll need to use the mouse mode of the JMGO app to navigate Netflix.

5. In the future, you can open Netflix through the "Desktop Assistant" software.
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How to use Netflix with JMGO app?
1. Install JMGO app on your phone and connect with N1 series.
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2. Select [Trackpad], use one finger to move and click or two fingers to scroll.
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