Welcome to JMGO’s Support page for processing warranty requests. JMGO offers a one-year international warranty for O1 Series and U2 from the Date of Delivery. We also have an extended warranty option for you, and you can purchase from the Extended Warranty.

1. Except USA region, warranty does not include shipping fee.

2. We have overseas warehouses in the United States&HongKong, If you have issues with our product within the warranty period and can not solve it remotely, once confirmed with the after-sales team, you can directly return to our local warehouse for a new machine.

3. If there is no warehouse in your country, please send it to the nearest warehouse.

4. We will certainly consider adding overseas warehouses in more countries based on requirements of after-sales, will keep updating. (We are in charge of the arrangement and construction of the after-sales warehouse in Hong Kong for Asia customers, please stay tuned!)


1. Warranty does not include shipping fee.

2. To confirm with after-sales team, please offer the issue of the product, SN number, Location, Proof of purchase and send an email to They will guide the next step.

3. If there is an overseas warehouse in the local area, the shipping will take around 10–15 days. If there is no overseas warehouse, the period of cross-border transportation is 15–20 days.

Tips for Warranty Information

Order ID: You can find this in the order history of the account the purchase was made through.

Model Number: You can find this in your account's order history, as well as on the packaging or manual of the product.

SN: The SN can be found at the bottom of the device/or "Settings"

Looks something like SN: AXXXXXXX.