Established in 2011, JMGO is a leader in the smart projector field. Our unwavering dedication to cutting-edge optical technology has consistently delivered immersive, breathtaking audio-visual experiences.

The Apex of Optical Technology

For over a decade, we've been at the forefront of optical technology research and development. Our commitment to innovation fuels our relentless pursuit of industry-leading advancements.

Leading Optical Laboratory

Founded in 2014, our optical lab comprises experienced professionals from leading multinational corporations such as Apple and Samsung, with an average R&D tenure of over eight years.

Innovative R&D Approach

Our R&D approach emphasizes the creativity and foresight of our team, which ensures JMGO staying ahead of the curve by creating technologies that cater to the future.

A Legacy of Innovation

Our extensive expertise has yielded 581 patents over the past decade, affirming our leadership in projector technology.

Redefining the Future of Light Sources

Our pioneering solutions have overcome the challenges of cost, size, and speckle associated with RGB laser light sources, offering a versatile, universal light source.

MALC Triple Color Laser Optics

"MALC™ is a new generation optical system developed by JMGO specifically for RGB laser light sources, featuring advanced technology and powerful performance."

Modularized Laser Stacking Technology

15% more efficient while reproducing vibrant colors

Quad Layered Diffuser System

Brightness uniformity achieved over 95%

Dynamic Light Speckle Reducer Technology(LSR)

Reduce speckle by over 96%

Leading Revolution in Projection Image Quality

The powerful optical technology from JMGO, popularizing the triple color laser projection and leading a comprehensive revolution in home projection image quality, bringing to a professional level.

Our understanding of projection

Since our establishment, we have been pushing the boundaries of projection, bringing a new experience to customers with ultra-short throw projector and gimbal projector, making projection more free in terms of space and time.

To Create a Diverse and Fluid "Digital Bonfire"

Inspired by the timeless allure of campfires, we aim to create a "Digital Bonfire", embodying the same warmth and joy in a more diverse and mobile format. Through our best-in-class optical technology, we seek to ignite imaginations and evoke delight.


Since our inception in 2011 with our first smart projector, the A1, we've been relentless in our innovation. Our milestones mark our journey of evolution, pushing the envelope with firsts.



The first projector with an intelligent system, starting the era of home projector.



The first projector that integrates Bluetooth speakers, intelligent systems, and electric focusing.



The first portable smart projector with a built-in battery, supporting 360° projection.



The first laser TV applied JMGO in-house R&D achievements--the shortest projection ratio reaching 0.17:1.



The first 4K smart projector.



The first products with intelligent experiences including automatic focusing, obstacle avoidance, and screen alignment.



The first ultra-short throw projector with a dual-mode system.


N1 Ultra

The first three-color laser gimbal projector.